what do you think of these A Neel heels?

  1. they are a great offer but I am not a 100% on the very pointed toe - I hate when it looks scruffy in no time bec it is so pointed. also it is between these or something else so what do you think?

    :tdown: or :tup:. I would get these for work, like an everyday shoe and I am not sure if it is that sort of shoe
    a neel heels.jpg
  2. I like it, the pointed toe looks sleek. But it depends what the other "something else" is? :smile:
  3. ^ a white Michael Kors shirt. i should explain that I have lots of shoes but that I keep looking for the perfect black office shoes...

    there is of course always the option to get NOTHING.. but that isn't a lot of fun
  4. NOTHING is never an option ;)

    When I'm torn between two items and I can only get one, I try to determine which one I am obsessing about more and which one will haunt me if I didn't get it. The logical thing to do is to consider which one I NEED more - but logic is no fun :p
  5. I love Neel shoes. They are very flattering and make my slightly wide feet slimer. But his pointy toes do scuff easily.
  6. those are cute! go for it!
  7. Lovely
  8. I LOVE that shoe! Really adore Alexandra Neel's designs and feel that her brand is one of the under-rated ones. I remember trying on that shoe (I think it was that exact same design) about a season or two seasons ago and REGRET (to this day) not buying it. Is it still available somewhere? It's a classic-enough design with a modern, sexy twist. IMO it's a great day-to-night shoe that works both inside & outside the office.
  9. ^ check out www.stylebop.com in the sale section. they also have another one I absolutely love but it is a tad too high for me.

    it is a german site but I am sure they ship overseas. these retail for euro 199 in the sale (half off) - around $270 I believe. let me know whether you got them!

    ETA: just checked, shipping to US with DHL is 39 euro and you can pay by CC.

    btw, I am so happy that her designs are under-rated.. you don't see them a lot on other people!