What do you think of the Zodiac Key-Rings?

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  1. Hi girls, I'm looking for your opinion of the Zodiac key-rings.

    Do you like them or not?

    I've been looking at one on ebay (hope it's ok to show the photo here?)


    I've recently bought a navy blue Antony :happydance:and I'd like to add something to it to make it a little more girly.

    Is this the answer or do you have any other suggestions for a key-ring or charm that I could add to the Antony?
  2. I have the Scorpio on my car keys. I dont put keyrings on my bags. I really like the keyring even though I hate star signs and think they are load of rubbish IMO!
  3. Thanks sjmidd,
    Yeah I know exactly what you mean about star-signs.
    I just can't decide if I like zodiac key-rings or not. Maybe I need to see one irl first.
  4. I grabbed mine last year in the sale, and must admit, its the only one that I have not taken out of the box. Its nice, but I would not have paid alot of money for it, there are better Mulberry ones out there imo, but I do think they make beautiful birthday pressies for friends.
  5. Thanks Chloe - any thoughts on what might be nice on a navy Antony or is the plain look of that bag the whole point do you think?
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    ^ I think an Antony looks beautiful jazzed up. How about one of the silver hearts, or the blue and silver ponyskin hair heart? that would be lovely :smile: - ooh or the peony pink heart that has just come out - would give it a real contrast!!! or cookie!!! :biggrin:

    anything with silver tones looks gorgeous on the blue, I looked at your ebay link and your sign is nice as its not lots of hanging bits and bobs so it would look nice.
  7. You know what Chloe - maybe I am looking for something I already have. You are - right the black/blue heart I have would go great on the Antony since it has silver hardware.
  8. I got my Gemini keyring in the sale and it stayed in its box until I got my new car in September, now I keep my car key on it and its lovely. No scratches either!
  9. ^ Im a Gemini too MissM, apparantly we are quite impulsive lol ;)!!! Cant see it myself heehee :biggrin:

    Great news that you already have the keyring Lola, show us a piccie when you pop it on :smile:
  10. I will Chloe - it's the key-ring on my avatar at the moment. I'll see what it looks like on Ant when he arrives.

    I actually bid on another key-ring today on evil-evil bay and got sniped at 3 seconds to go! Will have to think about using the sniper myself!!!
  11. Lola, they had those at Shepton last sunday, I can't remember how much though.

    I bought a heart like yours in your avatar :yahoo: but it's pale grey & pink hair calf & I have it on my maggie, I'm such a copycat, but I LOVE it, it makes me smile.

  12. That's funny Juliewoo. That's exactly where mine is at the moment - on my black maggie!
  13. I had an aries one until DD wanted to look at it..... never seen it since... think it got lost on M6 services..... but I do think they are good keyrings..... the cookie dog is perfect on my oak ant..... love it on it.
  14. I love my silver cancer keyring - it looks great with just a cheeky bit of orange to cheer me up. I think some of them were a lot better than others. The simplier ones work, the more complicated starsigns didn't translate as well.
  15. I knowwww :nuts: I saw your thread & just HAD to get one for mine. Mine is stone though. Thats why I said I was a copycat :graucho: