What do you think of the zipped compact wallet?

  1. I would like a LV wallet and need a place for bills, receipts, change and about 6 cc slots and a place for photo id. Does the the zipped compact wallet fit the bill?

    I am also thinking of the Koala....
  2. I can now speak from experience, having just bought one nearly an hour ago.

    In it, I am able to fit 2 credit cards and my debit card in the 3 cc slots. On the other side, my health insurance card and license fit in the other small slot and in the deeper one right above it, I was able to fit about 2 more cc's. You could fit 3 if one is thin.

    I only carry what I need, so for me this is perfect. The billfold part itself is not too deep, just deep enough, and I love that the change part is external and zips. It is able to hold quite a bit and yet I doubt having a lot of change would damage or affect the wallet's shape in any way, as it did with my Burberry one. The external part has 2 pockets and on one side I put change and I'm using the other side for any receipts or small papers.

    It's really perfect for my needs!