What do you think of the "Yves Klein" Blue Patent Python Chanel?

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  1. I just came across this from bagsnob.

    Isn't it gorgeous??!

    I am strongly trying to refrain myself from calling Chanel about this one. :P The blue is so TDF though!!!!!! I hope someone from TPF will get this so I can see more piccies. :graucho:

    What do you all think of this?

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  2. I think its an amazing color! it looks kinda small though.
  3. gorgeous color!
  4. yeah, in the pic, that bag is only about 6.6 inches wide. the largest they will get is 7.5 inches (info from bagsnob). too bad chanel did not produce a jumbo-size in this bag!
  5. It's electrifying (blue, that is). Would be hard to miss seeing this baby. You should call and find out more about it such as size, price, availability. Chanel seems to put purses in ads and then not make them -- star flap and the U-boat/portal bag are 2 such recent examples.
  6. The color is amazing.
  7. Very pretty shade of blue. :yes: I like it!
  8. This was one of the few bags from Spring Summer 08 that really caught my attention. The shade of blue is perfect! The only major drawback is the size. Or else, I would have been all over this bag!
  9. i don't really like it :sad: it's too "blingy" for me :P
  10. come to think of it, this chanel is reminding me of the Fendi Blue Patent BBag I once had. *sigh* I miss that one. It was the prettiest shade of blue ever!

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  11. love the blue, love the style! if you get dets, please post!
  12. The blues is really stunning.
  13. would anyone know the sizes it will come in? its gorgeous!
  14. I love the color.
  15. i love it! pls post prices once you find out!