What do you think of the Willa Sneakers? Help me decide!

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  1. I ordered the tristen heels earlier this week, but when I got them today they sent the wrong color (elephant instead of colorblock) and now I'm considering exchanging them for the willa sneakers because I think I have too many heels and I don't wear them that often because I can wear any type of shoes to work, even flip flops, so I always gravitate towards more comfortable options like flat sandals, flats, wedges or chucks. I think the sequin sneakers look so fun, but I don't want to to be confused for a middle school kid. I really appreciate your input!! Thanks!
  2. I want them! I bought the sequin sneakers last year too.
  3. Thanks!!! I'm going to try them on in the store today, hope they have a size 6 in stock!
  4. Let me know how they fit so I know what size to order.
  5. They're true to size, but found them too wide for my narrow feet. Ended up exchanging the tristen for the color I originally wanted... I have a lot of heels, but these are like nothing I currently own
  6. That's sad about the sneakers. I have narrow feet too so I guess they won't work for me either. I'm glad you found the heels in the right color.
  7. They might work for you, go to the store and try them on, I'm very picky with sneakers because I always feel I'll look like I have clown feet. Thanks about the heels!!! I wanted them since the first day They came out in July, just can't justify paying over $100 for shoes so the sale plus PCE did the job!