What do you think of the Watercolor stripe tote?

  1. I am contemplating this and want to use it as a summer bag but I am not sure if it is worth it. Does it look to kiddish? I mean I am wearing light colors for the summer with tees and stuff so I figure it would fit with the attire. I would like to hear what you girls think?

    I figure if I don't get it, I can get my patent ergo hobo in red or mahagony or the black ali sometime sooner.
  2. I think it's really cute and I almost bought it. But, I realized I would never really carry it much, and I would hate to spend that much on a fabric bag that will get dirty. For a lightweight summer bag, I think I'd rather get something at Target or another store like that. Also, I do think it looks younger, not that that's bad. I saw a woman with the Spring patchwork, and honestly, she looked way too old to be carrying that type of bag (she was probably in her 50's).
  3. depthxofxdreams has it and i love it every time i see her carry it! i'm soo gonna steal it one day after class!

    it's not kidding, imo. it's just a cute summer bag.
  4. IMO I'm not crazy about the watercolor at all. maybe in a wristlet or mini skinny, but it's just too busy for me as a handbag or tote.
  5. I have the large and my daughter has the small and I love them both! I think they are perfect for summer! They are really easy to keep clean, I just use a baby wipe if anything gets on it and it comes right out.
  6. I think it's cute, but I didn't buy it for the same reasons. I thought it looked "too young" & knew it would get dirty quickly, even though I take very good care of my bags. Maybe get an accessory instead?
  7. I love it it is so summery looking. I would probably get it in a small accessorie though for my self.
  8. I'm not so crazy about the watercolor design. And the fabric bags get dirty so easily. I have a Scribble demi roll and I'm always paranoid of getting dirt on it. I'm not sure how easy it is to clean dirt off the fabric bags. But if you really like it, go for it.
  9. I also like the print, so I got the medium beauty case in it. It's fun, summery, and I get to have something in watercolor without it overpowering.
  10. I think it's pretty... but I'm not crazy about it. I'd probably never wear it if I got one... but I do think the shoes are really cute!! :smile:
  11. I have the Watercolor wristlet and love it. Today I was working at the hair salon and saw a girl walk in with the tote. I thought it looked really cute. It's the first time I've ever seen somebody else carry that design, I'm not sure if it's just not that popular or what. She was wearing a plain yellow t-shirt and sweatshorts, but the tote made the whole outfit!
  12. I LOVE the watercolor. I have the ponytail scarf and love it! As for a bag, I just don't see it as a "serious" purse. It's cute but it just doesn't look like a $168-$198 purse (depending on what size you want). I would rather spend that much at an outlet and get a leather purse that looks expensive or save up for a different purse like the patent ergo or an ali that your want. i would rather get something smaller in that print because it is so cute. I did think about getting the purse, but decided that there were other things that I would rather have. You seem to be on the fence about this tote but sold on an ergo or an ali. For that reason I think you should get one of the second two purses (or both LOL JK :nuts:).
  13. I think it's cute & fine for anyone. Plus, you could use the fabric cleaner or a baby wipe. :yes:
  14. Hmm the wristlet may be a good idea! I do like the print but I agree with some of your comments. I would hate to only use it till August and I see myself not using it anymore. You girls are the best! It is always nice to hear from others what I probably knew deep down inside. ;)
  15. i think you should get it. i love the watercolor i have the tennies and i love them :biggrin: