What do you think of the Uzes?


Feb 17, 2006

I am digging it. I really like the shape, the damier (vs mono), and the fact that I can carry it in my hand or over the shoulder. It is a great bag for work, long plane rides, etc. What do you think? Anybody who has this bag has a pic of them carrying it? I haven't seen it in person but just want to get some input from you gals first.

I love the Uzes myself. I'm on the lookout for the Uzes and the Damier Chelsea on Ebay. For me (as a mother of 2), it will make a good diaper/baby bag. It's going to be a better excuse to tell my husband why I need a new bag.
I like that style, but haven't seen the LV in person.
I need to list my Gucci that looks very similar to it. I want to sell mine because it's too similar to my other bag.