What do you think of the TOYGER? Cats bred to look like Tigers?!


Would you own a TOYGER?

  1. YES, I would LOVE to own a Toyger!

  2. I don't find them to my liking.

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  1. I just saw this ABC news clip on Yahoo.com: Yahoo!

    What do you think? I'm allergic to cats and have never owned one, but think the toygers (toy tigers) are so arresting and adorable! :yes:

    Toygers have no tiger genes in them but look and prowl like tigers do "without their bite!".

    For you cat-lovers out there, would you get one? Their price ranges from $900- $4,000 dollars!
  2. To me they look like a regular tom cate. I don't see any resemblance to a tiger, but that's not to say they aren't cute. I love all pets!
  3. I saw that on tv too. Cute. Too bad I am allergic to cats.
  4. They're cute but they do look almost exactly like a tabby. The only thing different about the toyger is more pronounced stripes.

    I'd feel better getting a cat from a shelter, though.
  5. Aww! They are cute, but I wouldn't pay that much for one!:sad:
  6. I saw that segment, too. I think they are really cute but I will always adopt my cats from rescue shelters.
  7. Not so bright... what are these again? They look like cats..not tigers.
  8. They don't have tiger genes, but they are breeded with a larger feline, aren't they? I didn't see the special, but I remember running into those cats online when I was lookin for a kitten maybe 5 yrs ago. And... the kitten I did get, I took in from the stable where my friend boards her horses... looks quite similar, lol, and was FREE to a good home:smile:All these "designer" pets when so many are left homeless... I don't think I could ever pay that much for a cat! But obviously they're cute anyway
  9. i think toygers are cute, my tabby kitten has similar marking as toygers tho! soo to me, toygers are jus tabby but are orange!
  10. We don't pay for cats, at least not initially, lol! They tend to find us... THEN we pay! (veterinarians, pet supply stores, pharmacies...)
  11. Right now, they look like regular tabbies. And, the price is steep for a red tabby cat.
  12. i think they are totally cute!
  13. aww, they are cute - you could probably adopt a toyger from a rescue shelter in a few months once the novelty wears off and the reality of pet ownership sinks in for those who buy one.

    The second newstory really caught my eye - a $1000 pizza!!! topped w/caviar and more ingredients that should NEVER be on top of a pizza!! :wtf:

  14. Thank you. People are so stupid to pay thousands for a cat that you could just go and rescue at a local "shelter." We had a tiger cat once that was probably more of a tiger than most. He was born in the wild and we domesticated him as a kitten. He was primarily an indoor cat, but would go out each night and hunt. When he was with humans he was the absolute nicest cat in the world, sweet, purring - a true cat ambassador, even people who "didn't like cats" couldn't help but admit he was the coolest cat they'd ever met!
  15. How true, I really believe every cat I've had has adopted me rather than the other way around - they always seem to come into my life at the right time, and I've found every single one out on the street, homeless.