What do you think of the Totally Turnlock Teri?

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  1. I am considering purchasing this bag, and am wondering who might have it and what you think of it! Is it a good size for everyday use? Is it too huge? The only time I've ever used a tote before is for carrying work stuff, but I'd like to use this as more of an everyday bag. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. i really like it, but it's probably not the best choice for me, since it's a handheld style, and for a bag i'd load down that much, i'd prefer an over-the-shoulder style. so pretty, though!
  3. NMV9542_ap.jpg
  4. hmm, if it's an 8" drop you could probably get them over your shoulder, but whenever i've seen it in action, it looks more like a handheld. i haven't tried it on, though, so can't say for sure :shrugs:
  5. I loveeee this bag!! The bag's interior is divided into three sections and it's soo easy to organize your stuff (the front pockets help too!)

    I can fit it over my shoulders comfortably. I have some pics in the mbymj thread here in the reference library
  6. I've tried this one on at Neiman's and fell in love. I wore it over my shoulder and it fit perfectly. The leather is so soft and TDF!
  7. I love this bag. There was one at the Saks in the Houston Galleria this weekend in Firebird Red. I was very close to getting it. The leather is so yummy and yes, it can be worn over the shoulder. You should go for it!
  8. are you looking at getting it in that color? is that the sunset color? I am dying to know how orange it looks in real life.
  9. I've been using it every day. I love the way I can organize all my stuff with all the pockets. It definitely fits on my shoulder comfortably.:yes:
  10. Any handle drop that is 7.5 to 8" and up is for shoulder use...
  11. The Teri line is brilliant! That tote in Yam is on it's way to me. I saw a girl with it Sunday in NYC and it looked so cute- good sized, not structured, slim and nicely slouchy but you could fill it up if need be.

    I ADORE this line- so cute and the leather is amazing. He needs to keep using this leather. I got the red bowler too and love it. Even the bowler fits under the arm.
  12. I can't edit the above but I have an update- thumbs down to the Teri Tote.:crybaby:

    That is a bag that absolutely needs to go over the shoulder on anyone no matter what their size (I am not small), yet the straps are not long enough for a comfortable fit. It would never work with a coat for me. It came today but it is going back to NM!
    So, I will keep the bowler that does fit in BOTH the Yam and Red and just have 2 of the same bags. :heart:
  13. kitskats - Thanks for the information!!! I was so close to ordering one, but I do want it to fit comfortably over my shoulder, that's important to me. I am leaning more towards the bowler now, hoping to find one of the carbon blue ones online somewhere soon!
  14. Love,bags - I've been seriously eyeing that blue Teri!!! I really think I'd be happier with the bowler though. I just haven't been able to find it online in colors other than yam and black (recently anyway). I really like the blue, brown, and even red! I am going to keep my eye out, and make the drive to Saks and Neiman maybe this weekend to see if they have anything.