What do you think of the Tekla bag?

  1. I was passing through Bloomingdales today and saw the Tekla bag in medium. I :heart: it!! The leather is amazing. And not to sound like a bag whore or anything, but I've felt a lot of bags and this is the softest leather I've ever touched!

    My biggest concern about the bag is that it may wear out easily because the leather is so soft. Has anyone here seen the Tekla before? What do you think of it?
  2. I LOVE the Tekla, it really is the softest bag I've ever felt too! I wanted the red one, but I held off because I had just bought another Balenciaga and I was worried about the leather being too soft as well. Maybe some others here who have it can help you out. :smile:
  3. I did not like it until I saw it and felt in IRL! It is gorgeous!
  4. Ohhh the leather is PERFECT. I molest the Tekla every chance I get!
  5. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the tekkla! the leather is amazing, and I like that it's not as showy as some of the other chloe styles. I mean, I love my paddys but sometimes its nice to go a little incognito! I think it must be the next addition to my collection. :love:
  6. This one I have my eye on:
  7. I hated this bag when I saw the first pictures of it, but then I saw it in real life and loved it. The leather is gorgeous and soft, but also sturdy. The bag looks so clean, too, not fussy. The new blue is a beautiful color. I have my eye on a different spring version, white/ivory with chocolate brown accents.
  8. Oooh! I really like the blue one that you posted, Eucalyptic. I only saw in brown and red at Bloomingdales.

    I totally agree with everyone that it's much more impressive in real life than in pictures. It wasn't even on my radar for bags to buy until I actually saw it in the store.

    I'm very tempted to get it now! I'll keep you laides posted if I decide to make the big leap and buy it!
  9. I do like it... maybe not for myself, but I bet I would love it on someone else!!! (i.e. you!!) If you buy it, post pics!!!
  10. OMG, I just bought the chocolate for about 60% off at Saks. First I went to NM, at it wasn't even on sale. Then I went to Saks, and there it was... one left on the table, in perfect condition. The exact bag I was looking for today. I love this bag!
  11. congrats on your purchase cuteusername! what a great deal for such a great bag!!! out of curiosity, did they have any of the smaller teklas on sale at Saks too?
  12. Congratulations. Post a pic so we can see how cute your bag looks on you.
  13. no, there were no others, in any size or color. I was also at Nordstrom at the Grove in LA yesterday, and they were there, but not on sale, in both sizes - I forget what colors.
  14. hi, i saw the chloe tekla a few days ago, i was thrilled about this great leather, the color (lightbrown/darkbrown) and all that stuff that comes with it. i immediately fell in love with this great piece and i'm quite sure i will buy it by the end of the month - hope this love will last a long long time...