What Do You Think of the Stuff I Got?


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Jan 15, 2009
I asked people for their ideas of what stuff I would look cool in HERE and HERE. I went out with my cousin today and shopped.

NOTE: I did also buy some mousse cause I thought it would make my hair look long, wet and cool, but it sucked. So I'm going to buy some other kinds of mousse and gel another day and see what WILL make my hair look long, wet and cool.

This is the mousse I got (It sucked).​

So here is what else I got:

My socks that I got (My cousin says mine aren't cool).

The shoes, jeans, belt and shirt I got (It was hard finding jeans and shoes that fit).

The top that I got (I wanted something to keep me warm).

The hoodie that I got (I liked the colour of it).

The bottoms that I got (To flex my muscles in so I can see how much muscle I'm putting on when I'm working out without being naked).

The winter boots that I got (I wanted new ones).​

So what do you think of the stuff I got? (I still have the receipts so if something really sucks then I'll take it back.)


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Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
I've been reading your threads and i hope i could offer you some advice.

Not sure if i could help you out in the styling product department. Maybe you should post that up in the Beauty bar subforum or you could go on makeupalley.com and check out the product reviews. I'm sure if you've already tried it and think it sucks, then it should probably be returned, that's if you could return it.

It looks like the shirt is kind of on the small side. Did you say that you're working out? Bottom half or upper half? I think the shirt should be just a tad bigger so when you bend over or lift your arms up not so much skin will show. The belt matches the shoes really well and i think the shoes are really nice, something i'd suggest for my boyfriend to buy, he actually has a pair like those.

To comment about the top that you got, i think it looks nice. It looks like i'd work well as a jacket to keep you warm and you could definitely wear that over a buttoned casual dress shirt or just wear it with a t-shirt and jeans.

Umm..what could i comment on about the socks. Well, socks are socks and keep them if you like them. There's nothing un-cool about the athletic ones that you were wearing before. Plenty of cool people i know wear those.

The yellow hoodie, cool. I like that bright yellow color. I wouldn't wear it myself b/c it's such a bright color and i don't have a preference towards yellow, but i think it looks good on you. It's kinda hard to not like hoodies :-P.They're so simple and the size looks right on you.

I think something cool that you're missing is casual dress shirts. I didn't see any of those in your purchases. Sky blue, soft yellow, pin stripes, pink, lavender...these all would work well and are a must have for guys.

By reading your post, it seems like your cousin is having quite an influence on you. How do you feel about this? and how do you like your new wardrobe so far? I know these are things you'd probably not normally pick out but could you get use to wearing this stuff? Do you feel comfortable in them?


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Nov 4, 2006
Hey Daniel! I like the clothes you bought except that off-white/light grey t-shirt in the outfit picture. I would exchange that if you can. I think dark or medium brown would suit you better and would also work with the hoodie and zippered top you got. I also think it is way too small and short. Fitted is nice, snug... not so much. If you like it, keep it, though! I mean, you will need more than one t-shirt anyway and you can still buy a brown one :smile:

Hope you enjoy your new clothes!
Jan 28, 2007
Sorry that the mousse you bought sucked. If you want that more glistening look, I would suggest trying a gel instead of a mousse. If you are fixated on mousse, though, perhaps try Paul Mitchell's. As for gel, try Biolage gelee or Paul Mitchell's styling gel available at salons. I have curly hair and can vouch for those ones. Also, apply when your hair is still wet if that's the look you are going for.
Jan 28, 2007
Also, I definitely think a CARDIGAN would be right up your alley. You would be very fly in that. Such as:

or this in various colors:
Something along those lines. Wear a fitted t-shirt under a cardigan.

And here is a more updated plaid I think would be great on you:

Here's a cool hoodie in different colors:

And of course some Levis...

Good luck in your shopping endeavor.
Feb 4, 2006
I think the top you got is way too small you should get the next size up and the yellow hoodie looks good on you, but whats up with the gold speedo? haha


Sep 5, 2007
Muahahaaa the shoes!!!!:P Return them. And the t shirt. Go buy a regular shirt with Buttons. No prints.

And shave your head. Do it like Beckham.

As for the yellow cardi, I don't know what you do for a living, or how old you are. It's ok for high school. Not for ppl over 21.
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Feb 24, 2008
west wales uk
Well not sure about the white shoes, or the yellow hoody, but the rest is ok, bigger size in the t-shirt defo, apart from that looking ok :smile: