What do you think of the Speedy 25 in Mocha Epi Leather?

  1. There is a LV Speedy 25 in Mocha Epi Leather available on Ebay, and I'm trying to figure out if the bag will go with enough things, or should I wait for another color to show up? Or, should I just buy a new one in Black or Red? My friend says it looks like I'll be carrying a tree log. :shame: What do you think? Does anyone know when LV will come out with new colors for the Speedy 25 in Epi?

    Thank you!
  2. I like this colour and it's not as common IMO. Not a bad price too:graucho:
  3. Tree log! LMAO!

    I think it's very attractive but personally I prefer the epi speedy in red!
  4. The MOKA is my FAVORITE color and on any Epi bag it's dead sexy!
  5. I think the MOKA is a beautiful color, and so uncommon! Go for it!
  6. go fooooooooooor it!!!! i adore the color
  7. lolz!!! a tree log :roflmfao: hehehe i love this color and i agree with lee its not common :yes:
  8. The moka is very beautiful and not as common, get it!
  9. :yes:
    go girl
  10. Moka is actually my favorite color in the Epi line! It's gorgeous!
  11. Go for it :yes:
    Mocha is very very beautiful color :love:
    And definitely, Speedy in Mocha Epi is awesome :yahoo:
  12. That's hot!
  13. I love the look!
  14. Thanks guys! :biggrin: I appreciate all of your replies. I am going to get it for sure now. :greengrin: I don't really need a new bag, but this one is too good to pass up!
  15. There are new ones still available through LV if are interested. I acutally bought one last week. :shame: (Actually, I had a problem with a Damier bag of mine and I did not like the new version of the bag, so they let me have store credit and I had them find me a Moka speedy 25.) I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. It goes with everything. Of course, my DH called it a lunch box bag, but that's just him. :rolleyes: