What do you think of the small Popincourt?

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  1. Hello

    Im just requesting opinions on this bag. Does anyone have it? I saw it on the website and it looks very classy. Is it more a shoulder bag or just to carry around by hand, and do you think it could work for casual or is it only for formal wear?

    Id love to hear your views

    thanks so much in advance :biggrin:
  2. Hi! This is a hand-held bag. It works as a casual bag. As for formal, to a certain degree - 9 to 5 would be alright, but I don't think it would look 100% appropriate for a black-tie occasion.
  3. This is my favorite out of the Popincourts! I was at the boutique with my BF and he said that he wanted to get it for me...but I opted out at the time and now I regret it! I've seen some ladies with them and the bag really stands out for its shape!
  4. It's cute but I'd rather go with the large one.
  5. I don't like it and I'd rather go with a different poppincourt.
  6. Personally I love it and think it's cute for spring although I think it's more of a casual bag, and it's deceptively big. Although now I'm considering the Popincort Haut because I'm more of a clutch and over the shoulder girl.
  7. I like the shape of the popincourt, but I much prefer the popincourt haut.
  8. I love this bag! I know everyone loves the haut, but it seems to be everywhere... I think it's a great bag that definitely holds way more than you'd think. It's reasonably priced for LV IMO and those little zipper pull cherries are so cute!
  9. I think it's really cute but don't like it for the fact that the handles would darken.
  10. I LOVE this bag! I actually did buy it, but returned it for an MC. However, I highly recommend the bag. I love the unique shape and I think it's very classy. I like it the best out of the popincourt line. And how can you resist the cherry pull? ;)
  11. The small Popincourt is such a cute bag! I prefer it over the other Popincourt styles. After trying it on at the boutique, I prefer it over the Speedy and it does fit quite a bit. I was able to put everything I carry around in it with room to spare. However, I am not a big bag girl and I don't carry much...small makeup bag, wallet, cellphone, keys, sunglasses.
  12. I don't own one, but I think it's cute. However, I'm terrified to buy handheld bags with vachetta. :weird:
  13. I think it's cute but not very practical!
  14. Its cute, but I'm short so I'd probably just look more stunted with it :lol:
  15. Are you talking about the popincourt with the short handles? If so, I love this bag and it's definitely on my list. I like the unique shape and that not many people have this bag, but then I'm more of a hand-held type of girl.