What do you think of the silver/gold spy?

  1. I am trying to decide if I should purchase the new spy in the gold/silver. Does anyone own it? What do you all think of it? I want it for casual wear. Any thought would be great!
  2. I got mine yesterday. It is gorgeous. I do not know anything about theses bags...I have always carried Gucci, or Lv. Im assuming it fairly easy to take care of! It is STUNNING IRL. IF you would like more pics please let me know!;) PS....its BIG.
  3. Sunshine, i'm drooling all over the keyboard!
  4. I received my silver/gold spy from Neiman Marcus on Tuesday. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I don't have the capability to post pictures, but I think Sunshine posted some great ones!!! I would say, buy it, buy it. I waited 2 months to receive this bag, and it was well worth the wait.
  5. The prettiest Spy IMO. It's gorgeous!
  6. Love it!!! I was hesitant at first when I got my choc brown spy, but by far, it has become my favorite bag!! You will love the spy! I think this color is gorgeous....saw it IRL at Sak's last weekend. If I could afford more than one spy, it'd be here with me right now!!!
  7. I carried to day for the first time...I got TONS of comments. Its fabulous!!! And so roomy... not too heavy. LOVING IT!
  8. OMG Sunshine... it's absoultely stunning!!! I'm actually loving it a teeny bit more than my petrol!!! (my spy is going to kill me now)
  9. Sunshine,

    What did you wear with it? I 'm curious :biggrin:
  10. I wore a baby blue sleeveless tank dress, silver sandals and my lovely spy! (right up to the point of going to the post office to mail a pair of sunglasses to one of our dear fellow members, puppy one hand spy on the other and she went potty in my arms. LOL then I came home and put on Kahki shorts, a white tshirt, and a pair of reef sandals...still carried my spy)
  11. Should I be treating this with anything or is it fine just by itself?
  12. I just ordered the silver/gold spy. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I am getting it from Saks and my Saks in my State does not carry Fendi so there is no tax. I am so excited and will post photo's when it arrives. Did anyone treat it?
  13. No Tax!!! Great!!! That is a great little savings on a pricey bag! You are going to LOVE it.
  14. wow that's a really pretty bag sunshine. perfect for the summer. i like it.
  15. Congrats bagqueen!!!!! NO TAX??? Man you're getting such a deal!!! It must be one of those meant-to-be things. ;)