What do you think of the sac chasse?

  1. Hi all,

    I have been thinking about buying the sac chasse before the price increase. What do you guys think about it as a travel item? any body have it? Any modelig pics? Anything.....?
  2. [​IMG]Heres a pic of it.
  3. its such a cool bag. i dont have one but it looks like it would hold loads.
  4. LVoe it . I just feel like I want one of the Pegase' first.
    But I have absolutly thought about this one

    love the way it have several rooms and both hand-held and shoulder-strap

    Go for it ;D
  5. I like it. Can you find out if the price will go up on this piece before hand if you are unsure about it? That way you would not have to rush.