what do you think of the redesigned alma mono?

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  1. my mom and i stopped by LV today and looked at the pm ellipse for her. We also saw the mono alma, newly redesigned with little feet at the bottom, and oddly enough, it looked great on her! now we are undecided. One thing, it's slightly smaller (i feel but don't know for sure). i like the ellipse bc it's a tad bit less high maintenance with less leather. i worry that the alma's bottom might get stained esp in the rain. both also have the top handle, which makes it not an every day bag.

    mom also liked the trevi pm, but it was pretty big for her. the SA warned us that it's heavy and also a little large for mom who's barely 4'11". i thought about getting the trevi for myself as well, and now that i see it in real life, even the pm is humongous!

  2. I like the new Alma. The feet help so the vachetta stays clean on the bottom, and I'm jealous that my Alma doesn't have a clouchette.
  3. I think alma will be a great bag for her.
  4. Trevi>Alma>Ellipse

  5. Actually it is a tad longer in length but a tad slimmer in width. Great choice for you.
  6. I like the little feet on the bottom but I don't like that they made her smaller.
  7. One TPFer posted pictures of her EPI Alma Cassis (older version) and the clouchette. So I guess it is possible to buy it separately. I'll definitely ask the next time I'm in LV.
  8. Love ANY mono Alma!!
  9. :heart: Ellipse!! :blush:
    The revamped Alma is cute but the base is to wide for me.
    GL deciding.
  10. I would go for the Trevi as it's low maintenance compared to the other 2. But if your Mom really wants a Mono I'd go for the Ellipse just because my MIL is carries an Ellipse and it looks really great on her and for her age. The Alma is very cute too but prefer it in other lines like Vernis or Epi.
  11. I've always loved the Ellipse so that would be my choice.
    Alma would be 2nd choice.
  12. I agree with Kitsunegrl, DisCo and taniherd, I love the Ellipse. I have the PM and it is a very classy bag!
  13. I would say alma. I think the shape of the ellipse is slightly outdated.
  14. I totally agree...
  15. I like it a lot.