What do you think of the raisin color?

  1. I ran in to pick up an agenda refill and so a bunch of raisin color bags. I almost went for it. What's your favorite hermes color (besides orange, of course) and why. Why did you choose your colors?
  2. BLACK!!!! I'm a New Yorker! I even buy black woolite in bulk.
  3. i love raisin. it looks very different in different leathers and in different light.
    dh went to hermes looking for a "purple" purse for me, picked mine in clemence. it's very neutral, i never really notice it, the color, i mean. it is subtle, not an attention-getting color, imo. definitely is one of my tippy top favorite colors for a bag.
  4. lol
    hey, i can only ever find woolite dark, not the "black." do they still make it?
  5. Black!! However, I do love raisin too.
  6. I love raisin. I think it's very chic. It's a wonderful 'neutral' colour with a twist. I don't own it yet but if I ever run across one, I'll get it. I love it in box with gold hardware. YUM!
  7. Oh, shoot! All this time, and I honestly thought the label said "black".:confused1:
  8. If I EVER get a Birkin it will be Raisin! I love any shade of purple. Orange is my least favorite color of any of them, actually.
  9. I really like Raisin. I have only seen it in Clemence, Box and Togo but I like it on all three leathers. My favorite color is Rouge Hermes, it looks especially beautiful in Box although it also looks great in all the other leathers. I just love red, it is such a rich neutral. I chose Gold Togo for my Kelly because it is a color that goes with everything and I wasn't entirely sure I would ever get another Kelly. I had to make sure that it was a classic color I could carry forever.
  10. I like all the colors, but favorites...Raisin, Black, Blue Roi, Vermillion in swift, and Gold in togo. these basics go with absolutely everything! I also love the Chocolate Brown, the Orange and the Rouge h for everyday:p I maaay nt be much help here:confused1:
  11. Raisin is a gorgeous color but I don't think it's really for me.

    My faves:
    Marron Fonce
    Vert Anis
    Rouge Hermes
    Blue Jean
  12. It would have been easier for you to list the colors you DON'T like!:p
  13. Denial, which bags did you see? You are taking about the Madison Av store, right?
  14. I have a 25cm kelly in raisin Togo and I love it. It is a subtle color that seems to go with everything and looks different depending on lighting.
    I also love black (Box), gold and Hermes orange.
  15. :p you are right!...the only color I don't like is the "chicken au naturelle" ostrich color:yucky: !yuck!