What do you think of the PST in Navy?

  1. So yesterday I went out looking for a new bag. Originally wanted a Black PST with S/H, but BF said the GST was nicer. He was willing to get me the GST because after discounts it comes out roughly to the same price as a PST after tax. However sadly they didn't have any in stock. The only thing they had was a Navy PST. Which I don't really love because it kind of looks faded black. BUT!!!!! I do like because it will cost about $850 out the door. The price is kind of making me have second thoughts because you just can't get a Chanel for that price anymore. So ladies I just need some of your imput. Should I get the Navy PST or should I just get the GST at full retail?
  2. the navy PST sounds really pretty (does it have gold hardware?), but it seems you're not crazy about the bag itself, only its price-so you should wait for the bag your heart is really set on, in this case the GST. you may pay a wonderful price for the navy PST, but if it'll sit in the closet unused, it may not be worth it. good luck!

  3. i agree, i would wait until you find the bag that you love because that's 850 that you can put towards that! i think it's worth the wait to find a chanel that you truly love.
  4. The GST is alot rommier that the PST, so it will be your choice on what you will be putting in, the dark navy with silver harware look amamzing, you can tell it is navy versus the black, I dont think it looks "faded" black at all?, is pretty and love the silver chain:tup:
  5. I love my PST...but I don't carry a ton of stuff. I find my GST too large for normal everyday use (but that is just me). I am not sure where your discounts are coming from, but I would not miss an opportunity to get that kind of deal...unless you can apply the discounts to the GST when it is in stock.
  6. How are you getting a discount??
  7. LOVE navy bags with silver hardware!!! :love:
  8. I saw the PST in Dark Navy last weekend, and it was darker than I had expected. It looked black to me. The size is also too small for me, so I'm buying the GST in Dark Bordeaux. But I tend to favor larger bags. If you carry a lot of stuff around with you, I would wait and buy the Black GST at full retail. If you buy the PST and are not happy with it, you will probably end up buying a GST too down the road. So it could end up costing you more in the long run. Hope that made sense! :amuse:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  9. That's an amazing discount! I would also though maybe wait it out a bit. I know that's an amazing price, but you want to get a bag you're absolutely in love with. If you simply "settle", you'll probably be kicking yourself later when they do get GST's in.
  10. I think you should wait or get a gift card and put it towards your next bag then you will be alomost there and you can say it was 850
  11. I think that if you`re not in love with it, don`t get it! The price may be nice but you might regret it later and wish you would`ve had that money for something else.
  12. YAY everyone guess what! I went back to Bloomies today and they actually had the GST with G/H. Even though I really wanted silver. I think I can definitely grow to love the gold since it was about $1314 after taxes which is quite awesome! Oh my discounts are coming from my BF's sister who works for Bloomies. And during double discount days we get 20/20. I'll post pics when I get home!
  13. Get what u really want or u might regret buying the navy pst, even though it is a good price, it is not your first choice.;)
  14. can i say get both?? hehe. i am always a sucker for the better deal because you will probably get the GST later in the future anyway, so why not pick up the pst with that great discount this time?
  15. oh, congrats!!! and great price too! :tup: looking forward to the pics :smile: