What do you think of the PLISSE collection?

  1. [​IMG]
    Which one do you like the most?
  2. I like these, the gathered/pleated look is classy.

    Number 2 is probably my fave.
  3. yup I love number two as well - but I wouldnt say No to any of ther others if they were offered to me lol
  4. I love love love them all in that order - 1:heart:, 3:heart:, 2:heart: .....
    but I love my kelly-to-be more so no plisse for me...:nogood:
  5. I saw the second one IRL. It's gorgeous! I love the gem!
  6. the last one is cute.
  7. I really like this collection, the last one is my favorite, I'm loving it in beige.
  8. where can you buy the beige one online?
  9. I love your ring! what a beautiful ring!
  10. I haven't seen that color online anywhere yet (Pic is from Dior website).
  11. In my opinion I don't like any of the bags..I don't know what's happening with John Galliano's new line of handbags and shoes.
    Nefredity your ring is beautiful!:drool:
  12. LOL thank you for the compliment of my ring.
  13. hmmmm i am not attracted much on this line...but if to choose from the three...id pic the 3rd one hihihi:upsidedown:
  14. these bags grow dangerously on me ....:heart::drool::lecture:
  15. I fell in love with the clutch...its absolutely stunning in real life...gorgeous.