what do you think of the patent cabat?

  1. last time i was at the boutique i didn't pay much attention to the black patent cabat. i didn't think it was for me. too flashy and stiff. but now i'm having second thoughts. it seems different and fun and probably indestructible. what do you think? anybody have it or know anything about it? what are your thoughts?
  2. Did you carry it around in your hand in the boutique, annie? I haven`t seen it in real life yet but could imagine that it feels like carrying some sturdy straw basket. I like the look of it though. Not one of the BV classics, but still classic. How about putting things inside though? Isn`t it weird to put your belongings into a bag that is patent on the inside as well?
  3. I briefly handled the camel patent cabat, and it is not all that stiff, although compared to the soft nappa leather there is of course a huge difference. I imagine it would not slouch or fold in the same way as the regular cabat.
  4. It is stiffer than nappa, even stiffer than the vachette. I like it the patent because it is very durable, much more durable than any of the other leathers. Also, it's easy to keep clean and maintain.
  5. I don't think it's as classic. In 12-18 months, when the whole world has overdone patent, you'll probably want to put the bag aside for a while. I think it also somehow looks nicer in the light colour than the black.
  6. I think the cabat will be a classic in whatever leather, whatever color.

    I've seen the patent cabat (black and beige) in real life, both are lovely. The patent makes it look slightly dressier (a little more formal) than the regular cabat.
  7. i think it looks great but personally i just can't pull that look off, esp. on such a large bag.