What Do you think of the patchwork denim bags?

  1. I bought a gris patchwork Speedy this summer--I just HAD to have it--but I have never used it, I'm on the fence trying to decide if I should keep it or sell it. I would love to see pics of anyone wearing theirs...
  2. I love it! I do need to get a base for it just a personal opinion but I think it looks a better with a structured base but I do really really love mine I haven't used it much because it's rained a lot since I got it
  3. I really like it but only in grey.
  4. I love it in grey. I think you should keep it. It's a great bag!
  5. keep it! it's a cute bag
  6. It's not my favorite, I wasn't into the Patchwork line. If it was mine, I'd sell it to fund another bag.
  7. I dont like it too
  8. I like it .. I would keep it:love:
  9. personally I'm not really into it, but i think if you LOVE it you should keep it :biggrin:
  10. I love it.. I want the Patchwork Bowly in grey.. :sad:
  11. I have the speedy in blue and LOVE it!!!
  12. get rid of it, its not that flattering if you know the analogy of a Monet from Clueless this could bag could be filed under that.
  13. personally im just not that into it
    but if you really like it keep it!
  14. Well, I would say sell it because it seems like your trying to "force" yourself to like it and keep it .... but yet you still haven't used it since you bought it.
  15. I love the patchwork