What do you think of the new scarf??

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  1. ooh I like it!
  2. Looks cute from the pic. It'll be interesting to see how it looks IRL.
  3. gorgeous
  4. the pattern's nice with LV florals and everything but the color's not really my cup of tea :smile:

    i'd prefer it to be more pastel with softer colors
  5. I love it- it IS busy- but IT HAS A RHYTHM TO IT!!!!!
  6. I'd probably grab a bandeau in this print if it came out!
  7. i love it!!much prettier than the scarfs from s/s07
  8. me like! It's really funky like someone said:wlae:
  9. Its ok, wish it was in prettier colours x
  10. i do like it, it is pretty!
  11. Not a fan. I love simple scarves like the Love. This one is way too busy and looks cheap, IMO.
  12. Oh i like it.