What do you think of the new scarf??

  1. Sweet Flower Scarf due out July 1st is showing on the site now

    what do you think?

    oh and the colour swatch is up to choose Amarante for bags but the pics aren't loading yet.
    Sweet Flower Scarf.jpg sweet flower scarf 2.jpg
  2. I love it! The colors are perfect for my wardrobe and I love the funky design. I think it's really pretty. I haven't bought an lv scarf yet and with the addition of this one, it's really hard to choose just one. Any idea on price?
  3. Looks like a bandana print.
  4. Sorry Texas Girl the bit where the price usually is, is blank
  5. I like this a lot! a bandeau would be cool :smile:
  6. I think it's lovely. I love the colors.
  7. I like it! I wish they didnt post it now i have to wait till july :sad:
  8. oh I love it, thanks for sharing!
  9. Very nice!!
  10. Cool looking scarf!!!! Thanks for posting LA!!!
  11. I love the print! It's a lovely scarf...! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Oooo i might have to get myself one...are they making a bandeau?
  13. There is only this one showing up so far but they don't list all the available scarves, bandana, bandeau's on vuitton.com so maybe
  14. not feeling it.
  15. its cute, but VERY busy!