What do you think of the new scarf print?

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  1. I love it, thinking of getting one with the next PCE.
  2. This is my favorite one by far!
  3. I really thought I loved it when I saw a picture of it, but dont really care for in IRL.
  4. ^I totally agree. I LOVED it in the pictures, but in person it looks a little...flat, I guess. The print doesn't really have any depth and the satiny material is kind of odd. It looks like it would definitely get dirty easily. I've heard you have to be careful with the scarf prints. I almost bought a blue and brown scarf print wristlet at the outlet in San Diego yesterday, but it was already a bit dirty looking and I knew it would only get worse.

    I wish they made a scarf in that print, I would be all over it!
  5. I like the thought of those colors..but when put together on that bag, it does nothing for me. Reminds me of camo and I have to look at that enough as is. :smile:
  6. Its cute but I worry about it getting dingy looking after several uses.
  7. I like the new print but it's not good for everyday use! It will wear down.
  8. I ordered it, received it, and returned it. It looks better online than it does IRL. I was disappointed in the dullness of the colors and the thinness of the straps. I wish they would make the fabric of the bag more of a wipeable fabric like the Hampton's Weekend styles. JMO
  9. I'm eh about it. I love the lavender on the Oblong Scarf.
  10. I like it, but prefer the blue/brown scarf print more.
  11. I'd liek to see it in real life.
  12. It's ok but the only style I really like is the shoulder bag one. I'm not a fan of the skinny straps on the other ones and they just look so tote-ish to me. Not that totes are bad per se, but something about these aren't working for me.
  13. Yeah, I agree with the others. The colors IRL end up being sort of flat and dull. That said, they had the cosmetic case out when I was at the store yesterday and it's cute - maybe because it's small. I have the Ergo colored wristlet from a few months ago that I use everyday and it's held up really well - not dirty or anything.