What do you think of the new Onatah?

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  1. I'm really thinking about buying one of those new Onatahs. But not the 'normal' one without the applicated flowers, but the one Giselle is wearing.
    I'm considering whether I should take it in brown or in yellow. What do yo think?
  2. I LOVE yellow! But Star's is VERY NICE too (she has a brown one in her bag showcase thread)!!! GO FOR IT!!! The bag is STUNNING!!!
  3. Star has it in brown, there are photos in her collection thread :biggrin: It looks nice in both colors.
  4. I LOVE it. I will be getting it (without the flowers) in yellow for the summer. Watch this space.
  5. How much is the one with the flowers like that? It's pretty but I'd be afraid all the little flowers would end up rolling up after a time.
  6. My last information is that it costs about 2500 Euros that is about 2975 $.
  7. I happen to thing the bag is GORGEOUS in Yellow, and merely Pretty in Brown. But that's just me...
  8. 0o0o, saw this in the window the other day.... totally think its cute! the colours, either yellow or brown will be great for summer!!!
  9. Definitely the yellow :biggrin:
  10. Yellow ... definitely ... it makes the bag really stand out!
  11. It's so gorgeous, I love how LV is moving away from really structured bags. I prefer it in the brown, the yellow would probably turn brown with enough time though !
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