What do you think of the new Monogram Bronze Sergent? (pics)

  1. So I went by Saks yesterday to see the Neverfull in person (which is really cute but the thin handles bother me) and found the Sergent. It's the PM and although I loved the bronze color, I wasn't too crazy about the canvas handle. Not to mention, it was $2250 + tax! The SA said she wasn't even aware of the bag coming out until it arrived. I bought it, thinking I could possibly re-sell it, but do you think it'll be a hot item or should I just return it? Luckily I've got 30 days. (I saw the Amarante and loved it, too!)
    IMGP4410.jpg IMGP4417.jpg IMGP4420.jpg IMGP4424.jpg
  2. IMO I don't like the shape.. It just looks odd to me.. The colour doesn't appeal to me either. I really don't know if it'll become popular but I know I'm not thrilled by it :sad:
  3. dnt like the shape... sorry to say..
  4. I adore the colour but unsure about the shape:smile:
  5. LoVe it!! I would keep it!;)
  6. i love the bronzed leather, i was suprised that its actually soft. i don't mind the strap either. what i don't like is the shape. the side openings are too big. if you're not 100% about it, its not for you.
  7. Love the material, don't like the shape :p
  8. I love it! I would buy it in a heart beat! Keep it and enjoy!
  9. I don't like the shape :sad:
  10. Oh, this is the one I saw in Edmonton Holt and couldn't remember the name of! The SA called it one of their "showcase"..(did she mean LE?). Anyways, the BF didn't like the canvas strap. He likes the rolled straps. lol..
  11. I dont think you will make much from flipping coz its too pricey for this small and average looking piece. So you should return it. But I have to say I read a magazine article on the launch of this bag and LV PR said that they are expecting this Bronze range to be the 'IT' bag.
  12. I think it's cute, not my style tho but i don't disslike it
  13. mmmmm I love the colour, the shape is certainly unique...like you I am not sure about the handle:shrugs:
  14. Hm, I touched it in our LV store and the shape didn't do it for me, and the leather felt kind of stiff compared to canvas. For me it's very fall/winter and right now I'm totally into summer so... I didn't really like it, sorry!
    As for reselling, it doesn't strike me as an it-bag but hey, who knows!! So follow your instincts about this one!
  15. I think it's nice for fall.