What do you think of the new LV Rivete bag? pic inside

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Personally, it's not calling my name...yet! Nice LV, probably better looking IRL. Are you thinking of getting it?
  3. My SA showed me this today! I really liked it and ALMOST came home with it. (I'm trying to have will power!) It's TDF IRL!
  4. Get it! LOL!
  5. i think it looks a lot like something you'd pick up at rave or express. meh.

  6. wow, congrats! great bag. :smile:
  7. Not really a fan.. :s
  8. Here's another picture of it
  9. I have to say this picture does NOT do this bag any justice. I saw it today and it's really nice. The leather is so soft! See it IRL if you can.
  10. is this the one that's suppose to be a seasonal bag? my SA called me and I couldn't make out the name of the bag she was trying to tell me. i thought she said 'recital.' what is the retail on this? do you have clearer pics? TIA.
  11. looks nice here
  12. It Looks EXACTLY like a bag I saw last season at NINEWEST!!!! I promise you...so the answer is ewww..
  13. Retail is $3,300(ish).
  14. I wasn't waitlisted for it, but my SA called if I wanted to see this bag. I didn't go. Too bad I didn't see it IRL.:sad: Or maybe it's a good thing. haha
  15. lol I agree, sorry guys, I'm not a fan:sad: