What do you think of the new liberation line?

  1. I was thinking of picking up the satchel, it's the same styling as the lv speedy 25, but a little bit larger for 675. worth it?
  2. Do you have a photo?
  3. yeah..i'd like to see a picture also
  4. I tried looking for pics online, but I haven't seen any. I'm not sure if the line is called liberation. It could have just been that bag. They're basic totes and satchels that come in a hemp looking material with logo straps. They came in brown, off white, and black. As soon as I find pics I'll post them.
  5. hi i was wondering if anyone knew how much the ysl liberation satchel costs in pounds and where to buy it from.many thanks.
  6. i would try calling one of the ysl boutiques because i haven't seen anything online at neiman, bergdorf, or Saks.