What do you think of the new hinged enamel bracelet

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  1. Dear all, I am about to get a H bracelet and I'm considering between hinged bracelet with motif, or solid colour, or a Chic H. Im looking at the narrowest width. Any advise?

    My wardrobe are mostly dark colour like black or dark blue. And I'm more keen on PHW because I hardly wear gold/rose gold accessories. However I find the hinged bracelet in RGHW are more attractive after seeing it in store
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  2. All my bracelets are in RGHW (except one! Rivale double tour bracelet in Phw) though I am wearing white gold necklace, wedding ring or stainless steel ceramic watches. I just love them and I do mix match them in my daily wear.

    I recently bought a necklace with charms in phw and rghw, which demostrates that they can work well together.

  3. Thanks @renet! Mind to showcase your collection? :nuts: Especially your necklace with charms in phw and rwhw

    I can't find any design I like in phw charniere bracelet in local store but I wanted one, so I'm turning into rghw or phw with solid colour. Or may be I should reconsider to mix and match like you :P
  4. I manage to found these lovely bracelet in store an I'm love love love them! :love:
    20180615_225846~01.jpg 20180615_225413~01.jpg
  5. Love the hinged bracelet, the colours are subtle yet attractive. I didn’t know that’s actually a cheetah from the website’s visuals. Enjoy all of them.
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  6. Love the hinged bracelet more than the H Clic Clac since the corners are so smooth and they don't catch on my lace tops. They are also easier to put on and don't come off as easy as the H Clic Clac. I've many compliments from people that don't know about Hermes. For the hardware, I go for the silver since it has a more casual vibe but I've a couple of GHW if I want to look dressier. You can't go wrong with either and the ones you picked out are very pretty.
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  7. Thanks @nvie, oh yes, the baobab is the latest release for this season and I was so lucky to get it in RGHW. :smile:

    Thank u @chkpfbeliever for your compliments. I love how PHW can be casual yet chic while RGHW can be abit dressy and classy too! ;) These are my first of every design but definitely won't be my last :graucho:
  8. I just bought my first enamel bracelet. It’s going to be a very slippery orange slope!
  9. Glad that you took the plunge !
  10. Which one did you get? Pictures? :biggrin:
  11. Finally I found a charniere/hinged bracelet in print in PHW!
    Allow me to share my Coup De Fouet Au Bloc Charniere bracelet with u all BeautyPlus_20180720150922031_save.jpg 20180718_180703~01.jpg
  12. Latest addition to my Charniere/Hinged collection

    Letters Au Carre PHW in Positif Negatif

  13. Cavalcadour A Cheval PHW in Baroque

  14. That watch though...details!
  15. I’m a guy and obsessed with hinged bracelet.

    Noir gator and ombré lizard :heart:

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