What do you think of the new hinged enamel bracelet

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  1. Fabulous! Great choice!
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  2. I am so close to checking out online, but I'm really torn on colour choices.

    Goes-with-everything black, or neutral-but-more-interesting Marron Glace? I'd be getting the narrowest bracelet with rose gold hardware, and ideally stacking it up with my Cartier Love.
  3. If you have a large collection of bracelets, go for the Marron Glacé, if it is your first H enamel bracelet, go for the black, just my 2 cents

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  4. I have 2 (Rivale and Clic Clac), both black with silver hardware. I'd rather make a switch to rose gold though, so they may or may not stick around in my collection.
  5. Does anyone stack a Charniere with a Love bracelet? How does it look? Is it a bit awkward with the hinge being so much bulkier than the rest of the bracelet (and the Love)?

    I wanted to get away from a Clic Clac (and people asking about the H), but maybe it's a better pairing?
  6. 1B9F470A-7084-40F0-B186-B1893C922FB4.jpeg 616F59E9-DA12-4DD1-A207-C2281D4899ED.jpeg 616F59E9-DA12-4DD1-A207-C2281D4899ED.jpeg I just got one, and I love it! It’s very easy to put on and take off.
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  7. They are easier to put on, but even the large size runs small.
  8. Thank you, Principessa:flowers:
  9. IMG_9826.jpg
    Does anyone own this pattern? Are these green stripes correct?? TIA!
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  10. Could this be Jardin a Maharani pattern? I have the shawl version that is the detail of the corner of this pattern. I know the shawl came out in the colors of your bracelet. My shawl is pink, blue with orange and white stripes. I received the shawl this past Christmas (2017), so i'll bet it is the bangle that goes along with this pattern. The interesting thing is, this Annie Favre design came out in two different versions for the shawl. The original scarf version doesn't have the stripes. (I have the original scarf that came out the season before and then got the shawl. Hope this helps.
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  11. Thanks so much, Ladybaga! That IS the pattern! Feel so much better now. I so appreciate your knowledge. You really know your Hermes!
  12. I found the matching shawl to the cw of your bracelet on H.com. Sadly, I can't figure out how to take a small screen shot on my computer to send you the picture and link. It is on the US website if you scroll through the 55x55 cashmere silks. You have to scroll through a lot of shawls but it is there. Sorry the screen shot I did take was too big to load for your convenience. Your bracelet is lovely! (I enjoy a good research project, so I am happy to help.)
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  13. I will definitely take a look! You have been an enormous help. Thank you again!
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  14. I've both colors and wear them at least once a week. You could never go wrong with either one.