What do you think of the new hinged enamel bracelet

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1443623994.009682.jpg
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  2. Tbh, I'm kind of disappointed. I don't like any of the designs really and I'm not gaga over the clasp either. I got to try them on in store and they don't have the shape of my clic clac H bracelets either. They are a more squished oval shape. Not loving the cw options either. Sigh. I had such high hopes.
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  3. The shape looks oval which means I could stack my Cartier love bracelets. I wish they came in xs size.

  4. I don't live near a boutique...so I've been anxiously awaiting....I can't wait to see them in person...
  5. I agree with MYH...I'm disappointed in them as well. And I think the weight of the hinge could force the bracelet to swing around if it's even the slightest bit too big. I prefer the simplicity of their other enamel bracelets.
  6. don't like them!
  7. I'm not a fan. I don't really like shoving my hand into a bangle so I like the idea of an enamel that can open and close, but I don't really like this design.
  8. Not really my style...they are pretty though
  9. I tried it last week, it is a bit heavy for me and I don't like the clasp design.
  10. They are more like the old (vintage) enamel bracelets which I admire greatly. I believe Frey Wille used to make them (and still make similar too).

    I have a bangle and admire the simplicity of the sphere, some oval bracelets squish my wrist in the wrong places but I'd have to try one on to comment further.
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  11. I don't like hinge part :sad:
  12. Sometimes I think Hermes overdoes it. I don't care for the style.
  13. My SA showed me one in store and it's not my style.
  14. I am very interested to see this after seeing it on the video. Disappointed to read that most here did not care for it for a variety of reasons, but good to know the opinions of others!
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  15. I may be the only one here in minority but...I actually tried it in store and thought it was beautiful! I don't prefer them to the Clic H and ended up buying the clic H instead of this but I still thought they looked nice!
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