what do you think of the new Hamptons?

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  1. I haven't seen them IRL yet...I plan to go tomorrow but what do you guys think of the new Hampton's? Specifically the new leather satchels and the embossed leather carryalls? These caught my eye......


    and this one....


    Has anyone seen the violet IRL? Does it look like the web pics or darker/lighter/brighter?? Just curious....I like the white also but this is a fun color for Spring.;)

    ok....need your opinion on one more.....the new Hampton's hobo. I like that it has a zip close ONLY...no clip closure! yeah!!! I thought this was a cute casual bag. Anyone seen these??? Thanks for your thoughts, opinions, advice....:yes:

  2. The top two caught my eye and if I had not been able to find the older Hamptons I wanted, I think one of those would have filled in. They have a very "Spring picnic" feel to me...cute!

    The hobo I can live without. Never been an unstructured bag fan and the leather corners make me think it's wearing a diaper...
  3. not loving it i gotta say
  4. I saw the first two from a distance yesterday when I stopped by the mall and they're pretty cute.
  5. I think the first one pictured is cute.
  6. I've seen the first bag IRL and I thought it was really cute. The SA helping me said people have come back to tell her they thought it would be too small but actually held a lot. There were a lot of color combinations. I got my mom one (for Christmas) with gold accents but she ended up exchanging it for the new studded gallery tote.
  7. They are very cute.
  8. The first two are adorable IRL. They do hold quite a bit actually which really surprised me. The violet color is exactly as pictured IRL. It is true to the website photo and a very pretty spring color. I had to tear myself away from it yesterday because I just have too many bags and I need to get more use out of what I have. The third bag is cute but too small and thin for my taste. You wouldn't be able to carry much in it.
  9. i saw the violet satchel the other day and it is beautiful but it struck me as sorta small..it's pretty much that same color in real life too
  10. Hamptons bags have never been my style, but the top one in various color combinations is really eye-catching and cute on other people. I think I might get a wallet with the stripes, but the bags just aren't right for me.
  11. The hobo I can live without. Never been an unstructured bag fan and the leather corners make me think it's wearing a diaper...[/quote]

    You crack me up!!!! There was something about those leather patches I wasn't sure about and you hit it on the head! It looks like a leather diaper! LOL.... the hobo is my least fave out of the 3 but I like the long shoulder strap ....
  12. thanks everyone. I'm really liking the striped carryall. I agree that it is eye catching and unique which is what I like about it. I hate to have the same Coach bag every other girl has on her arm.;) I'm going to check them out IRL today. I'll come back and report which one I decided on! Thanks again for your opinions and for talking me out of the hobo. :tup:
  13. I like the top one. I have a version of it in the satchel rather than the carryall in blue. It can be ordered through JAX but isn't in stores or on the website yet. It's my first Hampton's bag and at first I was sure it was going back but I've grown to love it! I can fit everything I need in it and it's easy to carry!
  14. ok.....I'm back!!! Boy, why is it that bags you LOVE on the website and think "this is the one" usually disappoint you in person????

    so...the striped carryall was nice but it didn't "wow me" or grab my attention in person like I thought it would. The Hampton's hobo....blah..I didn't even try it on. The satchel was my favorite. Its a great medium size but VERY roomy. I usually like sig but I really like this bag in all leather. The violet is pretty but would look awful as an everyday bag in my opinion. The tan and winter white were gorgeous! I loved them both! The tan has the violet interior and the winter white has the tan interior. (wish the white had the violet interior:confused1:) Anyway...I just bought a slim flap in khaki/white to be my Spring/summer everyday purse. I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the slim or exchange for a satchel?
  15. I just quickly looked at the violet satchel today. Its very pretty. I didnt open it up and try it on etc, as the store was very crowded but it did strike me as a tad small. I will go again when the holiday crowds are gone to play with this one again. The embossed ones were up high on the shelf (I'm only 5" so most shelves are too high for me!) so I didnt get to see much of them.