What do you think of the Multicolor Python Frame Bag?

  1. I was just checking Saks.com when I stumbled upon the Multicolor Python Frame Bag. I was really drawn to it but to me it doesn't scream BOTTEGA VENETA. Just want to know what you gals think of the bag. Even if I decide I want it, I can't have a python bag shipped to California. What a bummer! :tdown:

  2. It's a beautiful bag, but I agree that it doesn't look like a BV. The weave is too wide, to me.
  3. Not my favorite, but I bet it's more striking IRL.

    Can't have python shipped to California? I didn't know that!
  4. ^I read somewhere that that`s because CA doesn`t allow certain exotic skins to be shipped in the mail...

    Not my type of bag though, looks too, well, how should I put it, "living" to me! The shine on the skin makes it look as if it was just turned from animal into purse!
  5. I think it's gorgeous like all BV, but it's not my favorite exotic skin BV bag.
  6. Why is it that the CA stores can carry the phyton bags, but cannot ship it to CA??? Strange.
  7. Maybe, and I have no idea, they are trying to fight poachers and/or inhumane treatment of animals.
  8. I really like it. Not enough to buy it though.
  9. I loved this one.
  10. I was told that California stores cannot carry or sell python. I found this out from a SA at Saks when I was searching for a python Chloe Silverado a few years ago. I think you're right C_24. It has something to do with CA law restricting certain exotics. :banned: I guess if I ever want a python bag, I'll have to take a quick trip to Vegas.
  11. actually it's to protect wildlife that are threatened. some SAs are willing to flout the law and ship to CA -- you just need to ask. the online stores won't so you will need to ship somewhere else.