What do you think of the montaigne clutch?

  1. I've never posted on this forum, but recently have been looking for a bag to wear out on a Sat. night and for the occasional luncheon, shower, or other daytime event. I tend to like the Epi line. What do you think of the Montaigne clutch? Do you think it is "lasting" or will it look dated in a few years?
  2. i have the black one ... it definitely won't look 'out-dated'. Its classy ;)
  3. I LOVE this clutch and it is definitely on my to-get-in-the-future list. Epi leather is definitely lasting, it looks so sleek and chic and I don't see that style becoming out of date. I love how you can use it as a clutch or on the shoulder!
  4. i have this in ivorie.. its just so pretty!!! i love mine. although it doesn't get a lot of use, but it is very classy and very chic.
  5. I bought this in ivoire...great versatile piece, but I couldn't get past the chunky clasp....so I sent it back....if you can live with the hardware, then go for it !!
  6. I have it in black and I love it. it's classy so I don't think it will ever look dated. I get tons of compliments on it.
  7. LOVE it, want it!!!! It's beautiful in either color and very classic.
  8. I don't think this will look outdated. The epi line is very classic so it should suit your needs. The silver push lock doesn't bother me. Just think of the classic bags in Marc Jacobs collections - Stella, Multi Pocket Hobo, Blake, Venetia - they all have chunky hardware on them. The bags are still sold everywhere and look great.