what do you think of the monogram charms pochette accesories

  1. would you get one and in what color?
  2. I have to admit I got one only to turn around and return it. I had actually been keeping an eye out for it. Ordered it in the fuchsia color from eLUXURY but didn't like the vinyl look of it.
  3. I love it..I have the fuchsia one and love it! I know some people don't like the vinyl but I'd rather have it that way than just having the nice silk scarf sit there asking to get dirty like the shoes do. It's a gorgeous bag and I haven't seen anyone near me with it which makes it even better! Here's the picture of my taupe cabas and fuchsia pochette. I'm hoping to get the white cles too eventually.
  4. I LOVE The Fuchsia!!! That Is What I Would Get. Lvbabydoll ~ They Are Both Beautiful (Not Suprised!!!!)!!!! :smile:
  5. Aww hehe thanks. Now I just need something in the white (like the Cles as I mentioned) so I have something in each color :heart:
  6. I have it in fuchsia along with the matching cles. I think they are very elegant looking and eye catching.
  7. I have the Pochette in Taupe. I love it!

  8. I got the bandana which I adore.......but the other things didnt really catch my eye.
  9. I like it in the Taupe.
  10. michelle and rebecca, is the pochette the same size as say a regular MC pochette?
  11. To me, it seems even a little tiny bit bigger. I have a lot of the other pochettes and because of the structure and the inside being calfskin (which is VERY soft), it seems like it's maybe 1/4 to 1/2 an inch bigger in both height and width than the other pochettes.
  12. yay, good. my mother says she needs a pochette but she think the regular ones are too small, i recommend this one thanks rebecca

    is it still available?
  13. It should still be available..either in stores or on elux. I know my 2 stores I frequent (the Neimans and the actual store) have all colors and all pieces.
  14. lvbabydoll and michelle, thanks for posting pictures. your bags are lovely. i couldn't decide on fuschia or taupe for a long time. i got the taupe. l love the calfskin leather interior. SA told me that it's limited edition. Is that true?
  15. No problem..and yes, the whole Charms line is limited edition. :amuse: