what do you think of the mono papillon 26?

  1. I had fallen in love with this bag and got it about a year and a half ago. I loved it for several months, and then got tired of it but the loving feelings never came back. I don't want to sell it just in case I want it in the future. What do you guys think about this bag? I noticed that not a lot of people talk about this bag on this forum. I do think that it looks cute with some casual dresses, but other then that I usually just take my speedy instead. I can't figure it out, why I just don't LOVE it.
  2. i :heart: it, i just got mine a few weeks ago!

  3. I had both the 26 and 30 size and sold my 26 size. I personally think the 26 is cuter than the 30; however, I needed more room for all my junk I carry!
  4. I don't have it but I like it. I think the 26 is a good size for me too, then again, I have the speedy 25.
  5. I don't have it, but think its really cute.
  6. it's a very pretty bag! i'm actually thinking of getting one to replace my pochette as my weekend (malling) bag
  7. I don't have it, but think it's cute. I like the speedy better though.
  8. I've had one for a few years and love it!
  9. I've had mine for about 5years now and I really love it!!!
  10. I like the pap 26 but I prefer it in damier to mono size is great though
  11. I've had mine for about 3.5 years now and it's been a trooper! Cute & practical bag!
  12. it's a cute bag ... but I do prefer the 30 ... only 'cuz I have a lot of stuff I have to have with me at all times.
  13. I'm really craving one, I say keep it!
  14. I think the Pap is cute, but I heard some members complain that their stuff tends to move to one side of the bag which makes it sit lopsided on your arm.
  15. I think it is adorable, but it is just too small for me!