What do you think of the mj stam?

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  1. do you love it or hate it? i can't decide..... as usual
  2. Definitely love it!!!!!!!In taupe or ivory.:biggrin:
  3. You're already getting the BV ball bag--no other purses! Wait at least a few weeks to savor the ball bag's specialness.
  4. I don't like it at all! I don't like most of the new MJ bags, actually. I like his classic bags best, like the Stella, Sophia, etc.
  5. I love it! I was lucky to finally see one in person recently, and the leather is to die for!
  6. I had a Taupe Stam shipped out to me, but it just didn't "do" anything for me. I think it looked odd--and made me look "big." I think if you're a thinner woman, it might look good. But it was just adding bulk to me....

    It's a great purse, but not for me--oh well. At least that's $1200 saved. BUT I did get that Burberry Prorsum instead, haha.
  7. I love the stam. The black resort is my fav, followed by the patent chalk, then the taupe. Love, love, love!!!

    And if they come out with a dark blue, I'm sunk!
  8. It's okay. It's not on my list of must-haves.