what do you think of the MJ Mina?

  1. I'm excited to see it, because the stam was too stiff and heavy for me. I figure the mina should be lighter, at least a little, without the handles and handle hardware. Plus I love the softer elastic quilting.

    Anyone tried one on? Any thoughts?
  2. It's pretty, but not a bag for me. I am a die-hard soft calf bag fan. If you like it though, you should get it right away. I'm kicking myself for not getting bags that I like when they were available.
  3. Personally, I prefer the Kid over the Mina. I like the mini stam look with the handles and the Mina doesn't have handles. Overall, the plum is the best color for this line!
  4. The kid's too small for me personally. I kind of like the elastic stam, though. But again, worried about the weight. And I realize many of you prefer the regular calf stam, but again, too stiff for me.
  5. the mina looks great but I agree with the disadvantage of not having the handles. no handles can be inconvenient sometimes. I don't know if you want to wear the metal chain on your shoulder all the time.
  6. the mina is very nice, but it's not selling very well, not like the stams of course, so my sa told me to wait till november, when they'll probably go on sale, if you like the bag, but are not totally in love-lust maybe you can wait till november, but if you love-lust it i would get it. it's not any heavier to me that the little stam and the color is beautiful.
  7. I agree with you about the color. Plum is beautiful! I am really thinking about getting this bag.
  8. Looking at it online, I'm worried about 2 things:
    (1) without the handle, IMO it looks like a stam that's a little "off".
    (2) That chain looks uncomfortable on the shoulder. Lots of people on this forum complain about the chain srap on the quilted small MP, which isn't that heavy of a bag either.
    But, it is a pretty bag (I mean, almost all MJs are!), and the plum is TDF. I would definitely wait for the sales!
  9. Yeah the chain is heavy.....I wouldn't recommend it, I have the small MP and I'm thinking about the Blake because of the handles.
  10. I'm trying to wait, but, IDK. I have the worst urge to go shopping this weekend b/c of the rain. And this is tops on my wish list.
  11. Yes, but then the money you save from the sale can go towards another bag!!! :graucho:
    And I'm sorry it's raining where you are. I always get so cooped up when the weather is bad out.
  12. I tried it on today and I really did like it. The only problem is that I saw the Camellia in a silver color also so now I don't know what to do. Now I want both, but can only afford one. I think I will wait and see if the Mina goes on sale.:shame:
  13. I have a feeling the elastic quilted bags will go on sale. I don't think they're very popular compared to classic quilted and patchwork.