What do you think of the mini monogram

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  1. Hi. Many of you have given your opinions on which LV pattern is the most "showy" or "subtle" - for example, there's a unanimous agreement that the classic monogram canvas is bold, whereas epi is understated. Vernis has gotten various opposing opinions.

    But what do you think about the mini monogram?
  2. I prefer it!
  3. I like the mini but I am apprehensive to spend that much money on something that can soil easily. I was in back of a girl in line at loehmanns and her bag was dirty. It just really turned me off.
    They are cute though!
  4. I have yet to see a style in mini mono that I like. The only thing I would consider getting is the Diaper Bag (if I ever need one again!!!).
  5. i'm not a fan of the mini..
  6. Nothing in this line that interests me plus I agree with Selena. It would get dirty easily
  7. looks like i'm in the minority. i :love: the black mini monogram!
  8. I'm with the majority on this one. I don't like any of the styles and I'm not to big a fan of the material either.
  9. i don't care for it either...i did like the hot pink cruise one that was out a few years back.

    and the mini satin mono is nice for an evening out.
  10. Dont get me wrong....I like the mini alot...just dont want to have to baby ANOTHER bag! :smile:

  11. i like the mini monogram but i would say that i'm afraid of getting my bags dirty too
  12. oooh...i've never seen this one before! i want it in black:nuts:

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  13. I love it too, but I fear the dirt as well, I'd get a small piece from that line though
  14. I'm not fond of the mini mono or the material used on it. I like the traditional LV because of the canvas material. It's super durable and timeless.
  15. My SA indicated that the mini is canvas, uncoated canvas though
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