What do you think of the mens pelham?

  1. Hey all,

    What do you guys think of the new Spring/Summer 2007 pelham for men?

    Its bigger than the largest ladies pelham and it comes with a shoulder strap.

    The only thing bugging me about it is that it retails for about US$2700 here. I think it's asking a bit too much for a GG fabric bag. Do you?

    Please give me your opinions so that I may sleep peacefully at night :sweatdrop:

    men pelham.jpg ss07_rtwm_31.jpg
  2. It still reminds me of a purse a bit.

    If I was going to get a bag that could be mistaken as a purse, I would go for the Balenciaga Weekender (Men's version) that has a longer strap that goes over the shoulder.
  3. It does look like a purse to me. I agree with Clark and try Balenciaga instead. At least with Balenciaga, you're paying for a full leather bag that's worth every cent of it.
  4. Not in love with it..sorry!
  5. Hey guys thanks for your replies!

    Went to look at the bag today, but it was a real let down.

    1) The brown used for the leather isn't as nice as the photo, it was more pale but the GG fabric used had a nice shimmer, think it was called 'sand'.

    2) The interior lining was awful! It was like threads of weaved straw, for that price, you would expect a bit more huh?

    3) It doesnt sit very nicely over the shoulder with the strap and the shape doesn't really retain when hand-held.

    However, the bag also comes in python, suede and ostrich leathers. But of course for a more fancy price tag. (Python leather bags are not allowed into Australia :crybaby: )

    Also thanks for the recommendations on Balenciaga bags. I actually have the 'work' but still waiting on the weekenders to come in. :push: Too bad we dont get the mens range here in W.Australia. Have to settle for the womens range instead.