what do you think of the MBMJ Lavender color?

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  1. I thought lavender looked kind of blah on the screen but when I saw it today IRL I was pleasantly surprised. It's really a lilac color and I think it goes really well with my skin tone. Anyone else??
  2. I think it's really pretty -- its almost a grey-ish purple color. I like it a lot!
  3. I like it too! Nice, pleasent color!
  4. another fan! it's my favorite MBMJ color this season, I so want one but I really shouldn't :smile:
  5. I haven't seen it IRL but from the pictures i've seen (not just the official photos) it looks jummie! Too bad enough I first want to save money for a bag in an more naturel color but after that... :yahoo:
  6. I saw it irl and it did absolutely nothing for me.
  7. I think I would like it better if it were a little more saturated. From the photos, it looks a little too muted for my liking.

    But then again, I would need to see it IRL. Hopefully someone here will be able to grab one soon :graucho:
  8. I love it, i haven't seen it in real life...but so far I love it!
  9. I saw in real life and I do like the fact this it is a grayish hue lavender. Perfect to lighten up any outfit. However, those light washed out colors really don't do it for me.
  10. I saw it IRL as well and I LOVED IT! It's stunning.
  11. I LOVE the color. It was absolutely stunning.

    Luckly i saw it IRL first, and i fell for it in the very first moment. I want to get a Baby groove in Lavender. It looks so cute in this color.
  12. i just saw this color irl today. i love it and would buy it in a second!!
  13. I am pleasantly surprised with the colour!

    I was actually thinking of getting the baby groovee in it but I probably won't. I like sticking with more neutral colours for bags as I find that they are more timeless and go with everything in my closet.
  14. I think its a little to 'gray' toned for me personally. Almost a little dirty looking.
    However, I only saw it once in passing...I will check it out again later this week.
  15. It's pretty and very girly, but not for me in a handbag. I think I'd like it more in a makeup bag. It does look nice with the brushed gold hardware.