what do you think of the mat stockton??

  1. Hi there,
    Does anyone have this bag? I am thinking of getting it and just wondered if you find it durable or hard to take care of? do you use it alot or only for occasion?
  2. I just bought one last week, but I haven't used it yet. I think it's a beautiful bag, and it's quite roomy but still looks more on the small side. It's not a tote. Well, I guess it's the exact shape of a traditional tote, but it's a medium-sized bag. You can carry it in the hand, in the crook of your elbow, or on the shoulder. I got the black, which is really a gunmetal gray color with the slightly metallic mono mat look. It's gorgeous.
  3. Thanks Gibbs--that is the exact one that I am looking at!
  4. hey macp6 - 0o0o, i was looking at the bag over a year ago... it was going to be my FIRST LV piece, but i decided that if its still around in afew years i'd try and get one!!! its a REALLY beautiful bag!!! i tired it on in the LV store a few hundred times and it just so YUMMY!!! it looks like it will hold a good amount of stuff and it zips up which is quite nice too. IMO - u can wear it day or night! i hope you get one!!!
  5. I love this bag, it's very classy and understated!
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