What do you think of the LV Ellipse PM?

  1. Hi ladies!
    I was just wondering what you all think of the LV Mono Ellipse PM bag, i was thinking of making it my next purchase.
  2. Nice and different shape...
  3. The shape is unique which makes me like it, but I saw it with a dark patina and it made me stay away. Some bags are better suited with the dark leather imho.
  4. Have it and love it!
  5. Such an adorable shape - I love it!
  6. I seem to always see fakes of it in the black mc(which doesn't even exist, lol) so it's spoiled it for me. But it does look like a fun shape, I think I'd enjoy using it.
  7. love it!!!
  8. It's a nice shape!
  9. My first, favourite and most commented on bag.

    Love it
  10. Love it!
  11. I think it's unique and classic. :supacool:
  12. I just got mine on Monday and LOOOOVE it! I've only seen it being carried a handful of times and think it's so cute! I haven't carried it yet b/c of crappy weather, but I can't wait!
  13. I think the shape is cute and unique. :balloon::heart: One of my girlfriend have commented the bag look like a saucer or a plate before though.
  14. I like it too--the shape is really unique. I'm thinking of making this my next LV purchase as well.
  15. I really like it! I'd like to add it to my collection somday.