What do you think of the Lussac and Soufflot?

  1. Hi. Just want to get your opinion on these 2 babies. I sort of want to dispose of it, should I or not? The Lussac has been discontinued already, making it a great collector's item and both are in mint. Help me decide. Thanks!
  2. I love both of these pieces. What colours are they?
  3. I like this better Soufflot
  4. I love the Lussac and Soufflot, I think they're both beautiful pieces with such unique shapes. Do you ever wear them? If they just sit in your closet, then you could try selling them. How about some pics?:yes:
  5. I like the soufflot better also.
  6. moi aussi (me too)
  7. i wouldn't sell them unless you *never* wear them and are ok w/ parting w/ them. i think both would get sold pretty well as they are popular styles. but it all depends on you.
  8. I like them both but the Soufflot better
  9. I like the soufflot better. What color do you have?
  10. My preference is for the Soufflot and I like the Lussac as well.