What do you think of the Luella Gisele?

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  1. I like the bag, Do you have one?:huh:
  2. Never owned one, but have seriously looked into it. They're beautiful bags, but sooooooo heavy. If you wanted to get one, I'd advise getting the baby one. Its still a pretty good size, and it won't rip your arm off.
  3. I saw one on sale at NM yesterday. It is very heavy! I had thought about buying Mini Gisele a few weeks ago, but decided not to.
  4. I actually had a black baby giselle that I purchased from Neimans but returned it bc after you put cell phone, makeup bag, wallet, other essentials, it weighed a ton!!! very cute design though, just weighs too much :huh:
  5. I have a baby Gisele in beige canvas (the bottom portion) and green leather (the handles, flap, hearts and stitching). I think the canvas makes the difference -- not heavy at all. LOVE IT!
  6. So the Luella bag itself is heavy already? :suspiciou I'm looking for a nice work bag and thought this one reminded me of one of the Coach briefcases. Thanks for everyone's thoughts.
  7. not a big fan. it's just a little too...much...for me with the straps on the front and hangy things etc
  8. I saw someone carrying it today - noticed it but quickly forgot it.
  9. I loved it at first.... but now just "like" the giselle compared to other handbags out there right now.:P
  10. It is a hefty bag. It's not my taste.
  11. From the color options listed on the website, the bag looks cute in pink. As for the style, the design looks too busy. It's definitely a seasonal bag for sure. I cannot see this bag being in style for long.
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