What do you think of the Lovely MbMJ zip clutch?

  1. I like it! The flower print lining is cute. That would be a pretty good deal!! I was actually looking at that clutch or the softy zip clutch myself!
  2. I think that clutch is adorable!!!
  3. did they take the price match?
  4. Really cute Dawn!
  5. I love it. I almost got it but got the lovely zip pocket wallet instead.
  6. very cute!
  7. i like it!
  8. i just bought the zip clutch in cream at Nordstrom for $109.90 on black friday. The only diff between these and the full price ones is that the medallion is gold in color versus the newer silver. i've been looking for a larger wallet to hold all my stuff, and i think this will fit the bill...:tup:
  9. absolutely adorable :smile:
  10. I bought mine in chocolate and absolutely love the wallet. :yes: I was too eager to get the wallet a month ago so I actually paid the full price for it.
    You will love the wallet.