what do you think of the little stam? worth it?

  1. i was considering buying the teal little stam from diabro. what do you guys think? everything in my collection is black, brown, or grey. all versatile colors, but i really need some color!

    would this be stam overload considering i have two original sized stams presently? for those of you who own the little stam, is it too small to work as a functional everyday bag or would you consider it more of an evening type purse? do you think i should just wait until it goes on sale if it will even go on sale?

    teal little stam.jpg
  2. I have a little stam I got on sale 25% off in a neutral color.
    I have not carried it yet. As the weather gets colder though I plan
    on breaking it out. I think it's a more dressy look than my other MJs, though not necessarily evening. I think it will look nice with my trench coats or winter wool coats. It's a great size for everyday - BUT - the opening is smaller than the bag width so trying to fit say a zip clutch in there is challenging. It fits yes but is a pia to get it in & out. I am going to use a smaller wallet when I carry this. A smaller wallet, along with my lv small agenda, keys, cell phone etc all fits nicely. Hope that helps!
  3. i just recently sold my little stam (i had the navy/pink python). i liked the bag a lot, but i found it to be too small for an everyday bag. i have a zip clutch and i had to struggle to fit it into the bag. i found it to be more suitable as an evening/going out bag. in my case, perfect for my phone, cigs, lipgloss, coin purse (no ZC!). i dont go out often, so i put it on eBay. teal is a great color though - i think it would compliment your collection well.
  4. love the little stam. i got two in black and teal. I agree that it is too small for every day bag. I used my when i go out at night. it's very beautiful and dressy. but if you are looking for all day everyday bag, i suggest the regular stam
  5. thanks for the input, everyone. i was thinking that i would use it as my casual/weekend bag. before i fell under the 'my handbag should be bigger than my torso' train of thought, i used to be able to fit all my necessities in a lv accessories pouch. i was hoping that i could get back to that point at least on a weekend basis. as long as the little stam can fit my cell, a small wallet, a pen, and my chapstick, it should be suitable.

    does the chain strap make it uncomfortable to carry for long periods? i don't want to walk around nyc only to end up having my bf carry it. i know he would draw the line with this particular style because it looks too feminine!
  6. no, i found the little stams chain to be quite comfortable. the bag is very light weight so it doesn't put any stress on your shoulders, IMO.
  7. I think it's adorable! And teal is a great way to add color to your wardrobe... I don't think you'd have too many stams at all, especially since this is such a different color from your other ones.
  8. I think the color is really adorable. I say go for it!
  9. i tried on the mina at Neimans and its bigger than the little stam, and would work as an everyday bag nicely. they have it in green too, but i think you can rock this bag everyday, it's beautiful, love the color also you should probably make a mental adjustment to carrying so much cuz you won't be able to. Before you buy from diabro.net check out eBay i just saw one on there for like 500$ and it looks authentic.
    good luck
  10. i saw that auction too. it does seem authentic, but the color doesn't look right to me. perhaps it's the lighting. i contacted the seller yesterday, but i haven't heard from him/her yet. if i don't hear anything soon, i'm just going to buy it from bloomingdale's with the f&f discount.
  11. I say go for it! It is really cute!!:nuts:
  12. i also think it's absolutely adorable and the color is tdf!
    i actually own one in teal and i LOVE it. i dont really carry that much stuff with me so the size isnt a big deal for me