What do you think of the Limited Edition Gold and Silver Suhali Lockits?

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  1. I have wanted a gold suhali le fabuleux forever now! And now LV is releasing the Gold Suhali Lockit bags!!! I have seen the silver IRL and I think its ok. My SA seems to think the Gold is too much though, what do you guys think? I personally like gold, I think its easier to dress up. And who else is planning on getting a LE suhali lockit? Or does someone have one already?
  2. I was at the boutique and was able to inspect both bags. My honest opinion is that the silver is too plain and actually doesn't look like leather to me. The gold was wayyyyyy too much of a yellowish sunflower gold, it was not attractive at all to me. In all honesty, it looks like the metallic bags from babyphat or XOXO.

    The only thing I have to compare these to are the miroir lockits. I waitlisted for the Silver suhali, but when i got the chance to get the silver miroir, I did. Now that I have seen the silver suhali, I am REALLY glad I chose the Miroir over this. The gold miroir is a lighter color gold than the suhali, and I like the lighter gold than the sunflower gold color of the suhali. My SA told me that no one who waitlisted (myself included) actually liked either bag when they came in, so needless to say, both colors were still at the store.

    This is just my personal opinion, so if you like the metallic suhali lockits, more power to you, enjoy them and wear them well, etc......
  3. Saw both today. I like them both, but silver wins for me. I am just not a GOLD person. I wouldn't even consider the gold one after the silver one with the matching zippy wallet!

    but that is me!
  4. No no for me
  5. I've only seen pics but so far I think the silver i snicer than the gold but neither are for me something about them just doesn't work for me
  6. The beauty of the goatskin seems lost on these to me, I just don't know.
    Personally I don't think metallic works well with these bags, which are supposed to be refined, ladylike bags. Metallic leather is too trendy an idea for the soul of the Suhali line. That's my opinion.
  7. no likey....

    One of my SAs and I were talking last time, and he said "they look like they're from the dollar store"

    Then again, if you love it, buy it!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: This is a great description.
  9. I'm not a fan of these two bags in both colors. It seems too much gold and too much silver to me. Too metallic-y. lol Something about them messes up the stately elegance and reputation of the Suhali line. Now if it were in the Le Fab design (as was in years past) then it would be major drool-worthy to me --- it adds to the bling bling elegance to the Le Fab.

    I'm sure there are people who love these bags and look great in them. More power to them, I say!
  10. I'd love to see them both IRL.
  11. Someone posted a picture from the LV site and I thought the silver looked beautiful. I haven't seen it IRL, so it might look totally different!
  12. I only saw the gold and it was GORGEOUS. For this, I'd prefer the Lockit over the Zippy Wallet. It was soft yet still structured and the color was so pretty! I also think these would be good for people who liked the color of the Miroir bags but didn't like the shine and "mirror" quality.

    But, that said, I have gold and silver Miroir bags so I won't be getting one, plus, the price is a bit too much for me ATM (about 3k).
  13. I don't really like it, I think it's b/c it's matte. I prefer the mirroir shine (also bias b/c I own one, LOL!!) I played w/it for a little bit, but came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be an item that I would fall in love with or keep forever. Just my two cents!!
  14. They are beautiful! I saw them last night @ the boutique. Not exactly what I was looking for, but beautiful :smile: They looked a little too seasonal however, even my SA agreed on that point. I think the tiny keychain gold lockit is super cute though.
  15. not something I would ever buy for myself, but if it makes your heart beat fast then go for it!