What do you think of the Legacy Embossed Suede Shoulder Bag?

  1. I purchased both these bags but one definitely needs to go back...I just can't decide which one? Did anybody purchase thse bags? What do you think? Thanks.




  2. i like it. its so pretty in person.
  3. keep the 2nd one. more versatile. suede is hard in the rain, plus, i find the chain handle will scratch a leather jacket and is just cumbersome. the suede bag is v pretty, i just think the other is more functional.
  4. hmm...good point on the chain handle. Thx. It is just so pretty though :yes:
  5. I like the suede bag much better - I really love the look of the chain - not sure how it would feel long term on the shoulder though. The suede is not as practical but is much richer and luxurious looking for some reason.
  6. I absolutely ADORE the suede one but it's just not functional...or worth the high price tag. It is a beautiful bag though.
  7. I like the signature bag better. I'm not a fan of the chain strap. :sad: Gabz made an excellent point about the strap scratching a leather jacket.
  8. I really like the suede one, I think the chain really dresses it up. I just purchased the Leigh which also has the chain strap. While I have only used this bag for a few days, I am having no problems with it. I think it fits on the shoulder nice, and is not heavy or uncomfortable. I reserve the right to change my mind come winter when I start to use my leather jacket!
  9. I like the first one! It looks like it feels better to the touch! And the chair handle looks really good.
  10. Has anyone ever purchased a suede coach bag? I am just wondering how it will hold up also. Thanks
  11. First one is dressier, the second one is more casual. The second one has an "adjustable" strap (the holes are close together, still). Personally I love anything leather over fabric.

    You have to ask yourself, which one (handfeel) are you gravitating towards most? While they look very similar, the fabric/leather application is the biggest difference.
  12. Is this bag going to be used everyday? If so, I would say sig fabric. Its more casual, versatile and will hold up better. If you're just wanting this bag for special occasions or to rotate with other bags, then I would go for the suede. Its gorgeous--just not practical for everyday use.
  13. Thanks, everyone! I think I am going to return the suede shoulder bag. I can't justify spending $450 on a bag that I can't use daily. I am really looking for a day to day bag for work or running errands on the weekends. I think the fabric one will work out great! :tup: Thank you!
  14. I think the signature shoulder bag is a great choice for everyday. The suede is pretty but maybe not as practical. Good luck!
  15. I have the legacy sig shoulder.. I love it.. i feel it can be both for dressy or casual occasions..

    My Current Collection:
    Brown Legacy Shoulder Bag
    Large Black Sig Carly
    Black Sig Hobo
    Brown Optic Chelsea Satchel
    Hamptons Large Flap Wristlet..

    Am Loving Them!