what do you think of the lady dior medium tote?

  1. I saw it at the Dior boutique last night and thought it was just so lovely...I have the Lady Dior Cannage Bag though and DH and I both thought that this one just looked too similar (just without the structuredness of the Lady Dior and a slightly more rectangular shape) to justify purchasing. I was also kinda wondering if it would be prone to slouching since it has no real structure and is made of such super soft and supple leather...It felt so much like lambskin but is calf leather I think...
    What do you all think? Would you buy it or pass? I was thinking about this same bag in the large shoulder tote style if not (sorry...I can't seem to find a picture anywhere!)...or do you prefer the quilted tote from the Lady Dior line?[​IMG]
  2. Hi Glamourgirlpink!

    I'd definitely recommend the classic Lady Dior over this, because this one slouches very easily (I saw a pic of a used one on eBay.de, which looked slouchier due to usage) and I think that this tote shape doesn't match the relaxed slouched look (that's only my opinion though, of course).
  3. Honesty, go for other brands for the tote style. I think the handheld Lady Dior looks better.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I really don't like the slouchy look so I guess I'll stay clear of this one!
    BTW Mayday, I just wanted to say that I totally admire your Dior knowledege! Its a great help for newer Dior addicts like me! :yes:
  5. Awww thank you very much :biggrin::heart:! Some of the things I know come from years of being a Dior addict :nuts: